From the Office’s Perspective


Ah, the life of Port:80. If walls could talk, mine would have some hilarious stories to tell. Every morning begins with a flurry of activity as the team stumbles in, their eyes half-closed and desperate for coffee. The coffee machine, bless its mechanical heart, is the unsung hero of the office. It’s an unpredictable beast, and watching the staff negotiate with it is pure comedy. Today, it decided to dispense coffee with the strength of muddy water, eliciting groans and desperate pleas from caffeine-deprived marketers.

As the morning progresses, the office morphs into a social media circus. Our social media manager is energetic, juggling multiple accounts and crafting the perfect posts. The pressure to create Instagrammable content is intense. I’ve seen them spend ten minutes adjusting a filter on a photo of a particularly attractive cappuccino.  they declare with conviction. And so, the office witnesses the birth of yet another viral post.

Post lunch, the focus shifts to analytics. The team dives into Google Analytics like detectives at a crime scene, scrutinizing every detail. “Our bounce rate is down!” someone exclaims. Cheers erupt, and for a moment, the office feels like a victorious sports team’s locker room. Then it’s time for the client call, where they present these findings with flair. Terms like “organic reach” and “conversion rates” are thrown around, and the client nods along, impressed. I can’t help but feel a surge of pride. We’re a well-oiled machine, even if we run on coffee and deadlines.

As the day winds down, creativity peaks. It’s content creation time. The brainstorming sessions are a riot. Someone suggests a blog post titled “Why Digital Marketing is Like Making Khachapuri,” and laughter fills the room. Yet, the idea is so brilliant it just might work. The team dives into their creative process, typing furiously, sketching designs, and shooting videos. The office buzzes with energy, even as the sun sets outside.

But the day’s not over until the last-minute rush. There’s always something: a campaign to launch, an email newsletter to send, or a landing page to tweak. The team is tired, but their determination never wanes. As they wrap up, they take the last sip of their now-cold coffee and reflect on the day. Working at a digital agency in Tbilisi is a mix of chaos and creativity, challenges and victories. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Finally, as the lights dim and the office quiets down, I rest. Yet, I’m always ready for the next day’s adventures. Here’s to the daily grind, the laughter, and the endless cups of coffee that keep this place alive. Cheers to another day in Port:80.

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