Empowering dialogue on tobacco harm reduction in Georgia for informed public awareness.

Harm reduction is an important concept in health care, which is related to the identification and reduction of expected threats. Harm reduction is based on two important approaches: realist and rights-based. The former acknowledges the reality that harmful substances have been consumed for years, while the latter encourages them to obtain health-related information and make choices. Information vacuum increases the probability of negative results.

Reducing health risk is also about empowering people to make choices based on qualified evidence and experience. Making an informed choice, on the other hand, requires public involvement, open conversations and asking questions, listening to the opinions of professional people, getting to know the best international practices and holding discussions taking into account the context of Georgia.

Discussion on the concept of tobacco harm reduction in Georgia is limited in public space. The public is hardly informed about international experiences and studies based on science. Our company, in cooperation with various actors of the society, including the tobacco industry, and maintaining editorial freedom, will contribute to the creation of a discussion platform to increase awareness in the direction of tobacco harm reduction.