At Port:80, we believe in the power of precision and data-driven insights. To ensure your campaigns make an impact and continuously improve, we use advanced third-party analytics tools. These tools allow us to deeply analyze advertisement data, providing comprehensive measurements and optimizations for campaign success.


Our Collaborations with Leading Analytics Tools


  • Gemius Direct Effect – Specializing in measuring digital campaign performance, GDE helps us achieve data accuracy and campaign optimization. We often use GDE for local placement measurement.


  • Google Campaign Manager 360 – By partnering with Google Campaign Manager 360, we gain detailed insights into digital campaign performance. Consequently, we can fine-tune strategies for the best results.


  • AppsFlyer – Focused on mobile app analytics, AppsFlyer gives us the tools to precisely measure and improve your mobile advertising campaigns. For example, we can track user engagement and retention rates.


  • Google Analytics – For web page performance measurement, we rely on Google Analytics. This tool provides deep insights into user behavior. As a result, we can refine strategies based on real-time data.


  • Google Search Console – Google Search Console helps us understand web page organic search performance. In other words, it is our go-to tool for optimizing your online presence.


By collaborating with these top analytics tools, we ensure that every part of your campaign is analyzed, measured, and optimized for success. In conclusion, choose Port:80 for a data-driven approach that meets and exceeds your campaign goals. Your success is our measure of excellence.

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