At Port:80, we believe in the power of precision and data-driven insights. To ensure your campaigns not only make an impact but also continuously evolve, we utilize advanced third-party analytics tools. These tools empower us to dive deep into advertisement data, providing comprehensive measurements and optimizations for campaign success.

Our Collaborations with Leading Analytics Tools:

  • Gemius Direct Effect: Specializing in the measurement of digital campaign performance, GDE is a key ally in our quest for data accuracy and campaign optimization. We usually use GDE for local placement measurement. 
  • Google Campaign Manager 360: Partnering with Google Campaign Manager 360, we extract detailed insights into digital campaign performance, enabling us to fine-tune strategies for optimal results.
  • AppsFlyer: Focused on mobile app analytics, AppsFlyer equips us with the tools to precisely measure and enhance the performance of your mobile advertising campaigns.
  • Google Analytics: For web page performance measurement, we rely on the robust capabilities of Google Analytics. This tool provides in-depth insights into user behavior, allowing us to refine strategies based on real-time data.
  • Google Search Console: Unveiling the dynamics of web page organic search performance, Google Search Console serves as our go-to analytics tool for optimizing your online presence effectively.

By collaborating with these industry-leading analytics tools, we ensure that every facet of your campaign is scrutinized, measured, and optimized for success. Choose Port:80 for a data-centric approach that not only meets but exceeds your campaign objectives. Your success is our metric for excellence.