PORT:80 - Digital Media Agency; PORT:80 - Digital Media Agency; We are data driven digital media agency – it means we, practically, measure Pulse of the business and then advertise with the right views. We are specialized in gathering, processing and analyzing data of online campaign performance.; Digital media agency; Online media agency; PORT:80 - About us; PORT:80 - About us; We at Port:80 employ range of local and global tools and methods to study media market, assess the competitive media environment, establish benchmarks and measure the results.; Online marketing, internet marketing, online advertising, Advertisement, Digital Marketing,Digital media,; PORT:80 - Services For Advertisers; PORT:80 - Services For Advertisers; Our main goal is to offer advertisers performance based online marketing strategies and tools, that will ensure accomplishment of campaign goals and KPI’s. We believe in numbers, therefore our main competitive advantage is corporate approach of using different tools for processing big data and online campaign statistics.; Advertisement, online media, digital advertisement; PORT:80 - Services For Publishers; PORT:80 - Services For Publishers; We at Port:80 are constantly working on supporting and development of local publishers, therefore we have implemented several international ad serving platforms in order to help publishers monetize their inventory.; ad serving, monetization; Online media news; Online media news; News about online media innovations and trends in Georgia and world.; Online media news; digital media news;