Elevating Your Online Presence with Digital PR In the dynamic realm of the digital landscape, Digital PR emerges as a strategic approach to professionally maintain a positive online image for companies. This proactive engagement unfolds across online blogs, websites, and social media channels, shaping the narrative and perception surrounding your brand. The Objectives of a […]


SMS marketing is the most cost-efficient & environmentally friendly channel to put the brand forward to an active audience. SMS campaign is used to boost conversions and spark direct conversations about the brand. For this kind of communication, Online Messengers like Viber and WhatsApp are perfect. You can use the customer database and let them […]


At Port:80, we redefine the email marketing landscape with a proven approach that seamlessly blends automation and personalized messaging, creating a cohesive and meaningful brand experience for your audience. Key Elements of Our Email Marketing Strategy: Proven Approach: Platform Partnerships: Our trusted partners include: Automation & Workflows: Email Marketing Across the Funnel: At Port:80, we […]